Winter Comic Market

This is the time for count down! Okay, many thanks for those people whom had placed preorders. It will help me a lot to cover partial of my travel expenses. I cannot thank you enough. I will try my best to pick up everything from you request. I just hope I could have the energy to follow through my shopping route.

In case you don't know what winter comic market is: The winter comic market is a 3 day event, it is consider the holy activity for all otakus around the world! This is the fouth time for me, but the first time going to the winter event. I used to live in Canada so cold weather for me should be a peace of cake, but after living in a warm climate country such as Taiwan, I am being very tame... Oh, I just wish I could survive the cold.

I havn't been to Japan for a while and I noticed I am not as excited as I used to... Well, being married and having children surely would have a different feeling.

Anyway, I really want to thank the supports of many of you, especially those whom had purchased doujinshi from me. You had made my hobby career possible! This niche business is becoming difficult. There are many reasons, but one I really hate is the dj scans or dj cd. Perhaps I will try a business shift or to end this business. I still enjoy what I do for a living, but when the incentive cannot justify my works then I have to reconsider about my life again.

I am very sorry this blog is in Japanese interface rather than English. I started this blog was mainly to start a database of dj I love... ^^; I didn't expect I would use it for this purpose.. ^^;

Anyway, I will report after I come back!
by mangafish | 2006-12-23 01:41 | 2006 Dec Reservation

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