Inu Yasha DJ

Yamaguchirow is a very popular manga artists. She has popular DJ work in Rurouni Kenshin (Kenshin x Kaori) Unfortuneately, she had so far produced 4 Inu Yasha DJ.

  1. d0081340_1313389.jpgTitle Hama 2
    Synopsis Inuyasha Hentai Doujinshi: Inuyasha X Kakomi
    Circle Yamaguchirow
    Date 2000. 12. 29
    Size B5: 7 X 10
    Page 32 Pages all b/w manga/comic
    id # inu_01
    Also includes reprints of Hama 1 at the back of the doujinshi

  2. d0081340_13142100.jpg
    Title Miku
    Synopsis Inuyasha H Doujinshi: Inuyasha X Kikyo
    Circle Yamaguchirow
    Date 2002. 12. 28
    Size B5: 7 X 10
    Page 26 Pages all b/w manga/comic
    id # inu_0001

    By chance, Inu Yasha and Kikyo had once again met. Kikyo asked "Do you love me or my reincarnation more?" Inu Yasha cannot help to hold Kikyo into his arms and give her once again the warmth and passion they once shared.

  3. d0081340_13181452.jpg
    Title RinRo
    Synopsis Inu Yasha H Doujinshi: Sesshoumaru X Rin
    Circle/Artist Yamaguchishinji
    Date 2001. Nov. 28
    Size B5: 7X 10
    Page 20 Pages all b/w manga/comic
    id # inu_e0390

    Story: Rin travelled with Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru did not understand himself why he saved her and why he allowed her to join his jounery. Sesshoumaru gave Rin a special medicine so that she could comfort him in a very special way.
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